Eling Spa

Enjoy Our Relaxing Treatments

We proudly present the exotic Balinese traditional spa treatment. We have successfully combined the ancient health treatment method and local wisdom that have been inherited from generation to generation so that our spa customer will have true beauty after having spa treatment with us.

Balinese Massage  (1 hour) IDR 200.000
Including foot bath and ginger tea.


Aroma Theraphy  (1 hour) IDR 250.000
Especially essential oils for relaxation blood circulation purposed with special massage techniques will rejuvenate tired muscle and relax your mind. plus extra foot bath.


Combination  (1 hour) IDR 250.000

This combination long palm strokes help you to gain strength and release tired muscle with gentle, stretching during the session leaving sensation feeling. including foot bath & ginger tea.


Stone Massage  (1,5 hour) IDR 350.000

This relaxing massage use warm stone to eliminate toxin and relieve stress, ease away tension and warm the body. including foot bath & ginger tea.


Foot Reflexology  (1 hour) IDR 150.000

A massage technique  of applying gentle pressure to reflex on the feet to bring about 2 state of deep relaxation whilst stimulating the body sown healing process is helpful for digestive and nervous disorders. including foot bath & ginger tea.


Neck & Shoulder Massage  ( 30 minutes) IDR 100.000

Ear Candle IDR 135.000

Ear candle is soothing, helpful and excellent for the treatment of sinusitis, headache, ear noise, a lot of stress related symptoms balancing ear pressure, nervousness. plus extra ginger tea.


Kuta Puri Lulur IDR 200.000

Refining and whitening the skin and reality unpleasant body odor, promote soft, supple and shine to the skin. including foot bath, flowers bath & ginger tea.


Coconut Scrubs  (1,5 hours) IDR 350.000

Provide a perfect mature moisturizing effect and radiant skin even tone. including foot bath, flowers bath & ginger tea.


Coffee Scrubs  (1,5 hours) IDR 350.000

Sheds old skin and stimulate circulation to ease redness enhancing the skin.  plus extra foot bath, flowers bath & ginger tea.


Strawberry Scrub  (1 hour) IDR 325.000

To lift and cleans dead skin as well as nutrients and vitamins, make the skin more fresh and radiant plus extra foot bath, flowers bath & ginger tea.

Avocado Scrub  (1 hour) IDR 325.000

Removes dead skin cells and provide nutrients to the skin, so it will become fresher and moist, plus extra foot bath, flowers bath & ginger tea.


Cucumber / Aloevera  (1 hour) IDR 200.000

Cucumber / aloevera contains mineral and vitamins, which neutralise excessive fat, also has natural smoothing effect for sensitive and sin burn skin. including foot bath, flowers bath & ginger tea.

Papaya Body Mask IDR 200.000

Fruit enzyme and natural fruit acid re hydrates and retexture the skin. plus extra foot bath, flowers bath & ginger tea.


Hair Cut IDR 150.000


Hair Coloring IDR 250.000


Wash n Blow Dry IDR 100.000


Braiding  (1 hour) IDR 100.000


Facial  (1 hour) IDR 200.000

Traditional face massage, natural product, acupressure point massage at the and of this  treatment your complex will be look rejuvenated healthy an clean.


Creambath  (1 hour) IDR 150.000

hair and scalp treatment using special cream made of fruit and herbs. this treatment promotes blood circulation rejuvenation.


Menicure IDR 150.000

A deluxe hand and nail treatment with aroma therapy nail polish and  waxing, cuticle and nail conditioning oil.


Pedicure IDR 150.000

A deluxe feet and toenail treatment including aroma therapy foot waxing, cuticle and nail conditioning oil.


Nail Art IDR 100.000


Nail Polish IDR 70.000


Steam Bath IDR 100.000


Jacuzzi IDR 100.000


Shilo Dara IDR 250.000